Add A Pop Of Colour

Add A Pop Of Colour


Do you tend to wear a lot of black? Did you know wearing all black can bring your mood down and make you feel sluggish? Also as we age our skin becomes sallow and wearing all black can make many of us look older!! Who needs that!!!

Okay, Okay, I can hear you screaming ‘well tough cause black is my fav colour and I’m not going to stop wearing it’. Well, of course you can wear what you want BUT wouldn’t you want to feel and look better while wearing your fav colour? If the answer is yes then read on……

Add a pop of colour!

Colour can enhance your mood and make you look and feel amazing. Lets look at some colours you can add to black.

Green: Green brings you back to nature and is a fresh healing colour.

Pink: Pink is a very feminine colour. It is a sweet, playful and compassionate colour which makes you feel happy.

Yellow: Yellow is a bright, sunny, happy energetic colour.

Blue: Blue is associated with peace and tranquility.

Red: Red is a passionate, powerful strong colour which makes you feel just that. i know as I wear it with black a lot! See photo below


Try adding a bit of colour with a bag, scarf, shoes etc. Even a red lipstick will change the look. Have a go and see what you think. Leave me a comment and let me know how you go.

Photo below: 

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