One thing I always say to customers who can’t decide on an item they want to buy is ‘if you don’t love it don’t buy it because it will only end up at the back of your wardrobe’.

I personally have a walk in wardrobe which is the size of a smallish bedroom in itself. Correction, I should have said my husband and I have a walk in wardrobe which is the size of a smallish bedroom. However, my husband has approximately 1/100th of the wardrobe and I have the rest.

Today I stood inside my wardrobe and looked at the mountains of clothing I have that I do not wear anymore. To make things worse I add more clothing every few weeks due to me owning a boutique and clothing label. I have now made a pact with myself that over the next couple of weeks I will be taking bags of clothing and donating them to charity as they are all still in excellent condition.

Here’s How To Declutter Your Wardrobe

1. Take everything out of your wardrobe and I mean everything!
2. Now you need the strength to separate all the items into three piles.
3. Be strict with yourself.


Your three piles should be:

 The Definitely Keeping Pile

 The Donating Pile

 The Throw Away Pile


 All clothing and accessories (bags, shoes etc) need to be sorted into one of these three piles. If there are items you can’t decide on whether to keep or not ask yourself when you last wore it and what have you got to go with it.. I am a great believer that if you haven’t worn something in the past year then it should go because it is highly unlikely that you will wear it again especially if you are undecided about whether to keep it or not anyway. If the item you are undecided on is clothing, make sure it still fits before pondering over the yes or no question.

Once you have everything sorted take the definitely keeping pile and start hanging them all up again. You can hang in outfits or dresses in one area, tops in another and so on.  


Any of you that have been into my boutique knows I hang everything in sets of colours. Customers can go straight to a colour and/or  tone they like. I do the same with my wardrobe. Yes, yes, I know I am obsessed. 😉

Jan @ figgyboutique