Figgy The Label is designed in the Hawkesbury region of Sydney NSW, Australia and ethically handmade in Vietnam by the beautiful ladies from TTK Collective.

Our mission is to produce small limited collections that are made using premium natural and recycled fabrics. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do from design right through to our packaging.

We partnered with TTK Collective as our passion is to empower the women who wear our brand but also the woman who make it. Learn more here



We work closely with our partners TTK Collective and their small team in Vietnam. Everything is handmade ethically from recycled deadstock fabrics to help reduce textile waste.

The ladies we work with are paid a sustainable living wage and work the hours that suit them.

We are proud that all our packaging is plastic free. We use corn starch garment bags, recycled card swing tags, cotton string and biodegradable mailers.



Jan Clifton - Fashion design and styling is something I had always been interested in but never ventured into until 2019 at age 63 (one is never too old for a new adventure).

FIGGY started with a market stall on the weekends as I continued to work full time in a corporate position in the CBD. The stall enabled me to judge whether ideas I had formed in my head would work. Finally, I knew fashion and styling was where I wanted to be so I moved quickly. I left my corporate job and started searching for a shop, not just any shop but a place where women of any size or shape felt comfortable and at ease while trying on clothes and I could help them with body confidence and styling. After months of searching I finally found the perfect place and I opened the doors of FIGGY Boutique in February 2020. Unfortunately the Covid Pandemic hit a week later and I had to close down for three months.

Late 2020 I started researching ethical and sustainable fashion and realised that as someone who is passionate about recycling I needed to do more than just run a boutique. This lead me to a company called TTK Collective in Queensland and after talking to them in-depth I decided to partner with them and start my own label. I released my first womens collection under the name of FIGGY The Label in August 2021. My collections are based on comfort and effortless style. My garments are sustainably sourced and ethically made using only quality natural deadstock 'end of roll' fabrics (to help reduce textile waste as these would normal end up in landfill). Each piece is handmade in Vietnam by our beautiful team of ladies who work their own hours from home and are paid an Australian wage.

Since starting my own label I have released a number of collections which have been well received.

It’s been a tough first couple of years with 2 closures due to Covid, 1 for fires, 4 for floods and 1 for two broken ankles! However, I am still going thanks to having a good support circle around me including my husband, family, friends and of course my customers.

Cheers !! 

Jan X